Moving to North Carolina!!

We’re moving to Cary, NC. New York City is great and all but when it comes to trying to raise a family, I prefer the quite suburban life compared to the the fast pace city life. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia so moving down south to another suburb is nothing for me. My wife on the other hand is kinda scared because all she knows is the city.

So, why Cary, NC? Well, cost of living is so much cheaper down there and my wife hates the winters in the northeast. Granted we will be far away from family and friends but it doesn’t matter how close you live to your friends if you don’t enjoy living there anymore. I have a feeling our soem of our friends might make it down to us in the near future when they realize that 1 million dollars only gets you a house over 100 years old and still no closet space. I’m sorry but if I was to spend 1 million dollars on a home I better get all the closet space in the world.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to our new chapter in our lives down in NC and I hope to capture some beautiful images no matter where I live.